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Domenic and Jake

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My name is Domenic Giandomenico, and I'm running for the At-Large seat on the Montgomery County Board of Education.


I have spent nearly two decades in Silver Spring, working on education and workforce development policy for organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Democrats for Education Reform, AdvanceCTE, and Project Lead The Way. I'm proud to have worked on both sides of the aisle and in a non-partisan capacity throughout my career. And throughout my career, the message has always been the same: We must provide every single American with the education they need to prepare them for whatever comes next, and that their needs must always come first.

But for the last few years, my primary job has been full-time caretaker for my two children, Phoebe and Jake. Phoebe was diagnosed with autism in 2020, and we’ve been working with Montgomery County Public Schools for a little while now. Their Infants and Toddlers program trained me to provide therapy for her until she was old enough to enter their PEP pre-school program for children with identified disabilities.


And do you know what I discovered in the process? I found amazing teachers, paraeducators, specialists, bus drivers, and therapists! We are truly fortunate to have these men and women working on behalf of our children. Every person that has worked with my daughter has been fantastic, even while risking their own health during a pandemic.

But I saw something else pretty quickly, too: I found a system that was an absolute nightmare to navigate. In ways both good and bad, our county's school system was exactly the kind of place that I’d written and spoken about for years.

It has become crystal clear that MCPS needs modernization, vastly improved communication to and with parents, and more options for students to meet them where their needs are. I’ll lay out more of my platform in the weeks and months to come. But the bottom line is that we in Montgomery County have the third-highest educational attainment in America. We are the 19th-wealthiest county in the nation. If every single one of our kids can’t get the education and the opportunity to succeed that they deserve, then what are we even doing here? My goal for Montgomery County Public Schools is to have world-class instruction that meets every student where they are and world-class parental engagement for every family.

Domenic for MoCo

Our schools represent the most direct path for shaping a brighter tomorrow— as individuals, as businesses, and as a community. It’s time that we all started acting like they’re literally our future, because that’s exactly what our children and our schools are. Montgomery County must meet that challenge by creating an education system that is equitable, modern, responsive, and instructionally peerless.

If that sounds like your kind of mission, here are three easy steps to get started:

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I’m Domenic Giandomenico and I approve this message because I’m willing to fight for our kids’ future on the Montgomery County Board of Education. Together, we’re going to secure the prosperity of our children and our county for decades to come.